2018 Shop Small Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us! The best part of the holiday season is giving gifts! There's something so fun and special about buying presents for those closest to you. Whether it's a small present or a big present, I really believe in the power of giving. It makes me so happy, plus gift wrapping is an activity I love. I also love shopping for gifts but in recent years I’ve become increasingly aware of where I chose to spend my money. I obviously love to shop local but this year I wanted to make a point to include businesses owned by people of color in my shopping guide. Over on my Instagram (follow me @thegolden-standard) I did a little poll on my stories to see if anyone had any favorite businesses owned by POC (people of color). I was really disappointed that I only got two responses! So I decided to dive into it and do some research. I’ve found so many new and interesting small businesses in the process and I’ve included some of them below! Above anything, I wanted to give you guys some really unique gifts to give this holiday season that have a story and cause behind them. Just a reminder - a lot of these products are handmade so make sure to check on the companies websites to ensure that they will be delivered in time for the holiday! Also the earlier you order the better! Happy shopping!

$25-ish or less

1. Small Adventure Card set - $18 - This gift is for the friend that lives too far away. There's nothing more special than receiving a little snail mail. Why not give a friend or family member a little stationary set and a package of postage stamps so they have everything they need to send you a letter or two throughout the year!

2. 52 Lists Project - $16.95 - This is a perfect gift for the holidays because you can start it as a new year's resolution. What a fun way to look back at your year once you've finished it!

3. OY-L Lip Bal - $14 - This cute little lip balm is perfect as a stocking stuff or a small gift to a friend. The scents are simply the best (I have the lemon mint scent) and the texture is super luxurious. use code BF2018 for 20% off and free domestic shipping! All OY-L products are handmade in Cleveland.

4. Juliet Meeks Tea Towel - $18 - For the cook in your life! My mom loves having pretty tea towels to display in the kitchen. This one is so beautiful and special. I love the colors and the design is hand illustrated. Give this guy by itself or pair it with a cookbook, some thrifted teacups, or selection of tea bags you like for a more personalized gift!

5. Erdura Enamel Rabbit’s Foot Pin - $10 - Maybe you’ve got a stylish guy in your life who really doesn't seem to need/want anything. Well, does he have a jean jacket? Does he need this pin? The answer is yes and he will probably think it is just as cute as I do!

6. The Astrology of You and Me - $24.99 - You know you've got that one friend that's more into astrology than they should be. This book is for them.

7. Hygge Light Growing Candle - $28 - These candles are so sweet and have such a great message. Over 427 million candle containers are discarded in the US every year. Hygge Light candles have seeds in their packaging so you can plant and grow a little plant in your candle container once you finish burning it! We got one of these for my boyfriend's mom last year and she loved it (it smelled great too, we got the rosemary scent.) They have so many options you'll find something that you're family and friends are sure to love!

8. Oceanne Jewlrey Charm Necklace - $25 - These super dainty necklaces are sure to make anyone on your list smile. They come packaged in these cute little glass bottles so your wrapping is basically done! All Oceanne jewelry is handmade in Cleveland. Save 15% when you use the code SHOPSMALL15

9. Baggu Reusable Bag set - $30 - This gift is for the person in your life who's always thinking about being a little more green. Baggu reusable tote bags come in so many adorable patterns, there's definitely something for that someone on your list. I love this set of three in their floral prints but there are so so many more options! Plus shop this weekend and enjoy 20% off sitewide and 25% off purchases of $50 or more!

10. DABL Three Faces Tee - $32 - I absolutely love a good graphic tee. My t-shirt drawer is overflowing always but that doesn't mean I don't need one more! This graphic tee from DABL is the perfect color and has the best simple design. All their products are handmade in Columbus.

11. Stay at Home Club Tote - $25 - Cause we all know someone who is

12. Heart talk - $17.99 - The perfect gift to warm someone’s soul. A quick read at the perfect gifting price.

$50 or less

1. Gopi Shah Cappuccino Mug - $44 - these beautiful cappuccino mugs are handmade in California by Gobi Shah. I love the colors and the sweet little design. Perfect for any dedicated coffee drinker!

2. Wilde House Paper Planner - $32 - This planner is the best combination of minimal design and handmade touches. Made in California its perfect for the person you know who has New Years Resolutions in mind.

3. Lillian Farag Leather Coaster Set - $38 - This would make a really cute gift for a couple that has an epic bar cart and loves hosting. Grab them this gorgeous leather coaster set that is handmade in New York City and maybe pick them up a couple of cocktail glasses (might I suggest these?) and a bottle of their favorite liquor! What an adorable little gift set!

4.On the Lookout Beaded Hoop Earrings - $36 - These hoops are perfect for that friend of yours who loves minimal jewelry and simple design. These hoops are so special. The color combinations are perfect and the touch of gold makes super wearable for every day. These earrings are handmade in Atlanta Georgia

5. Blair Ritchey Petite Origami Envelope with Wristlet - $40.50 - I love that this little pouch is the perfect size to fit in your palm and attach to your keys. Blair Ritchey has so many cute colors and wristlet options for you to choose from you can really personalize this gift. This gift is a perfect option for a college student who needs something to keep their ID and dorm key together or the mom on the go who doesn't have time for giant totes anymore. All of Blair’s bags are handmade in Cleveland.

6. TENDEN Cardholder - $45.00 - This is the perfect present for the guy you don't know what to get. These card holders are simple and plain, the way at least most every guy in my life likes his stuff. They're made out of beautiful veg tan leather that will age perfectly over time. Plus they're handmade in Michigan!

7. Tumble Gold Layering Necklace - $40 - This necklace is definitely a statement piece! Everyone has that fashion-forward aunt or that mom who loves to be on top of her fashion game. Its a perfect piece for someone who dares to stand out. Plus take 25% off at checkout through Cyber Monday, no code necessary! If you're ordering after Cyber Monday you can use the code TUMBELFREINDS for 15% off your order.

8. My Lou Jewels Don't Cry Hoops - $40 - These playful earrings are inspired by the artist’s cat Lou, who has boundless creativity and curiosity. These simple earrings are sure to make anyone on your list happy.

9. Watch Cap Knickerbocker - $40 - This is the hat every guy (or gal, or non-binary person) will love. It comes in four colors and is handmade in the USA.

$100-ish or less

1. Lillian Farag Chocolate Boob Clutch - $90 - Look, its a boob and its a clutch. What more can you ask for?

2. Blue Green Patina Floral Delivery - $125 - If you visit @bluegreenpatina over on Instagram you’ll be immersed in her magical world of pink kitchen cabinets and flower gardens. She’s now selling local floral delivery through the summer months so your home can be a flowery world too. Delivered for five months in the summer you’ll receive a bouquet of Ohio grown flowers to your door. Check out her Floral Delivery highlight for more details!

3. Guatemalan Organic Wool Blanket - $160 - This blanket is hand loomed by K'iche' Mayan artisans on traditional wooden looms. The colors are perfect, the wool is from Guatemalan, and it will look perfect on anyone's couch or bed.

4. Cleveland Flag - $85 - Each of these Cleveland flags is hand cut and sewn from start to finish in Austin Texas. These would look perfect in someone’s first apartment or would be a perfect gift for someone who is Cleveland born and raised but now lives somewhere else.

5. Circle Craft Honey Bee Ring - $80 - This sweet honey bee ring is hand cast in Cleveland, Ohio and made from yellow bronze. So delicate and dreamy there's nothing I like more than bee related jewelry!

6. TENDEN Chambray Shirt - $135 - this shirt is handmade in Michigan out of 100% cotton chambray. Trust me if you buy this shirt for your guy, he won’t need another shirt for a very long time.