This and That: New Products Review

I wanted to try something a little different and post some product reviews on the blog! I love trying new products but I definitely have high standards. I try to only use natural and organic beauty products. Its so important to me that I’m putting the best on my skin, hair, and nails. All of the products that I tried this week were gifted to me as samples but these are my 100% honest opinions.

Love Hair Mask:

This product was sent to me by Love Hair Muse. I've been using hair masks for about a year now to help keep my hair moisturized and strong. When I first got into it I was making my own hair masks at home with coconut oil, olive oil, and some essential oils that I liked. It worked pretty well (the recipe that I use is here) but its pretty intense and leaves my hair oily. I have to wash my hair multiple times to get the greasy feeling out. I also tried out "coco buns" - a term coined by @leefromamerica. I love following her because she is such a crazy fun holistic babe and is always doing something new to better her health. “Coco bun-ing” is basically slathering your hair in coconut oil and then letting it sit in a bun for as long as you can last. Lee leaves hers on while she runs errands all day or while she sleeps which is a little bit too much for me but I gave it a shot. She also has an entire Instagram story highlight for her “coco bun-ing” adventures if you want to learn more on that. While I did like how coco buns made my hair feel it left my shower a slippery oily mess. The directions for this hair mask recommend keeping it on for 10-15 minutes (which I feel like is short for a hair mask?) and they recommend applying it after you shampoo your hair. So I put the mask on while I was in the shower after shampooing and let it sit while I washed up elsewhere. I think I probably was on the shorter side of the time it recommended but none-the-less it left my hair feel very soft and smooth. I also really like that this product is mostly coconut oil and is 100% plant-based and vegan. Its also made in the USA and comes in this cute packaging that is biobased/recyclable. The only criticism I have is that there wasn't a ton of product in the bottle. I will probably only get 4-5 hair masks out of this tube. I will definitely use this product again, especially as we get into the cold winter months!


OY-L Lip Balm:

I’ve been eyeing OY-L products since I discovered them on Insta! I love that this brand is made locally and I love the minimalist packaging too. This lip balm is the lemon mint scent which I love. It smells like a lemon bar and is such a great light scent and texture. I normally don't like lip balm you apply with your finger but I don't mind it because the packaging is so cute. The only thing is I wish it was mintier so it'd be more of a soothing lip balm. But overall like the product! I would definitely re buy this because its only $14! It would make the perfect stocking stuffer or friend gift!

Naked BKYLN Hydrating Post Beach Serum:

This face serum says that it should be used as an ‘after beach’ oil but I think it'd be really great as a super hydrating face serum for the winter as well. I’ve been using the suggested four drops after I put on a toner. It has a neutral scent and my skin just drank it right up. It didn't sit on my skin as some serums do. It was also really great to use after a face mask to kind of rehydrate your skin.

BKIND Lavender Himalayan Bath Salts:

These bath salts were so luxurious. I’m used to using just Dr. Teals epsom salts which you can buy in bulk and they're not the best ever. Since my foots been recovering I’ve been trying to soak it every night in some bath salts to help with the muscle healing and scarring. These bath salts were great they some pieces of dried lavender mixed in and which made it really fragrant. I felt so special using it! This product is also handmade in Montreal. They have so many other bath and body products (including a nail polish line) that I would love to try out some day!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed trying all these new things out for you guys! Special thanks to Aware Marketplace for gifting me these lovely samples to try and for introducing me to so many new awesome brands!