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I want to start this blog post with a disclaimer. I am in no way a financial adviser, finance guru, or elite scholarship winner. I am however very very fortunate and privilege to have a family that was able to support me throughout my education. While this post is intended to shed a little light on how I was able to graduate debt free my circumstances may not align with yours. Graduating debt free in today's world is an increasingly difficult task. That being said there is nothing wrong with graduating with debt! We all make it to the finish line some way... read more

FInding inspiration

When I was a freshman in high school, way back in 2011 I created a little blog on a website called Tumblr. I remember when I first scrolled through being so enthralled by the images. Before then I only saw photography in magazines and this whole new world of fashion and design and creativity opened up for me. This was far before I even had an Instagram or an iPhone but none the less I loved fashion. My Tumblr back then consisted of way too many Harry Potter posts, cheesy quotes about love, and any gif that sparkled definitely made its way to my feed. As the years went on I used Tumblr as a source of community and it allowed me to be social in a new way... read more

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I’ve always loved and admired jewelry design. I actually seriously considered pursuing jewelry design in college but ultimately decided to go a different route. The adornment of the body is such a uniquely personal form of fashion accessorizing. I love that people often wear the same piece of jewelry every day and that it usually holds some sort of sentiment as well. Most of my jewelry holds personal meaning for me but it’s also just a way that I dress everyday. I like to wear pretty simple outfits, I usually feel overdressed in anything more than a t-shirt and jeans. But I never feel ready for the day without a necklace or two. While I adore all jewelry, I’m most often drawn to necklaces and I have accumulated quite a few over the years. I wanted to share a few of my favorite necklace stacks with you guys! I hope you love them as much as I do!… read more

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